Optical Retarders

Stock and Customised Polarisers for Global Delivery

Knight Optical UK Ltd have been manufacturing and supplying high quality optical components to some of the leading companies within scientific, defence, medical, pharmaceutical, oil and gas industries, and opto-electronics industries around the globe for 20 years.

This site is dedicated to the usage of polarisers and retarders.

Knight Optical UK Ltd are able to supply a large range of polarizer optics including circular polarisers, cube polarisers, crystal polarisers and sheet polarisers for visible, UV and IR. These can be bought from stock or to custom specifications

Knight Optical UK Ltd can also supply a range of retarders including achromatic retarders, plastic retarders, quartz retarders and mica retarders . These products can all be bought from our stock ranges or made to custom specifications, including sizes, mountings and coatings.